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About Us

About Dindins homemade dog food


Dindins is a family-run business and everyone helps out. That includes our Neapolitan Mastiffs who act as taste testers for all our recipes.


We don’t believe dogs are ‘just dogs’

Our dogs are part of our family and we cherish what they add, from the excited cuddles and daily walks to the hair and slobber they leave everywhere. They quite literally get us up every morning!

We want them to live and eat healthily, just like we do. We spent a lot of time looking for all natural dog food that met our standards. We started making our own when we couldn’t find one that was 100% good for our dogs’ health.

From our kitchen, word started to spread. As our all natural dog food became more popular, we started looking for kitchens that could handle bulk production. That’s when we bought Dindins!


We call it honest food

There are absolutely no preservatives, flavours or other additives in our dog food. All the vegetables are locally sourced and the meat we use is human-grade; no seconds or scraps.

Read more about the high-quality ingredients that go into Dindins natural pet food (and the ones that don’t!)

We love the fact that our dog food doesn’t just keep our dogs healthy, free of skin and digestion problems; it keeps hundreds of dogs just as healthy. We love nothing more than hearing about dogs becoming healthier and more energetic soon after starting on a Dindins diet.


Hand made, quality checked

Quality is everything to us. Every recipe is made with love in the Dindins kitchen. We’re Prime Safe licensed (PF0073) and maintain restaurant quality standards of cleanliness, equipment and storage.


Because we love all animals

We are regular donors to the Animal Aid program and Boxer Rescue Victoria. Read more about their programs and give generously to help their excellent work.

Animal Aid: dedicated to the care of all lost, unwanted and abused animals.

Boxer Rescue: rescues, rehabilitates and rehomes Boxers in need of new loving homes.


If you have any questions about Dindins natural dog food, just call us on (03) 9753 3533 or email: sales@dindins.com.au.


David, Marilyn and the family.