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Our Pet Food

It’s honest food, made for dogs


Dindins wet dog food


The Dindins Urban Packs are our version of Biologically Appropriate Raw Food. The raw human-grade ingredients are combined to give your dog a balanced diet of meat, vegetables and bone and are suitable for dogs of all ages.

Urban Packs: $6.00/kg

If you have an older dog or a dog with a sensitive stomach they might prefer our cooked recipes, which have a lower protein level for easier digestion. Choose from:

  • Chicken and vegetables $6.00/kg
  • Chicken and Beef $6.00/kg
  • Chicken, rice and vegetables $6.00/kg
  • Chicken and sweet potato $6.00/kg
  • Chicken and sardine $6.00/kg
  • Chicken, vegetables and bacon $6.00/kg

All our homemade dog food recipes come in 1kg portions, snap frozen for freshness and stored in BPA-free containers.

To order, simply contact us and let us know how many 1kg portions and which recipes you’d like.

If you’re in Melbourne you might be eligible for free delivery. Check out our purchasing and delivery page for more information.


Every detail is considered – for the love of dogs

The vegetables are selected for their health properties and include celery, broccoli, bok choy, capsicum, cauliflower and carrots. We buy them from our local farmers’ markets: the Dandenong Fresh Food Market, Caribbean Gardens and the Mulgrave Farmers’ Market, and generally buy our own veggies at the same time!

The chicken and lamb used is human-grade quality.

It’s natural pet food you’d make yourself – but so much easier.


What’s not in our wet dog food

What’s not in our homemade dog food is just as important as what is. There are:

  • No preservatives
  • No colourings
  • No additives
  • No flavouring
  • No salt
  • No animal by-products or scraps
  • No corn by-products or other grain-based fillers

We guarantee it.

Next time you’re looking at other ‘natural’ pet food brands, take a look at the label of ingredients. If you don’t recognise any as real food, it’s time to consider a more natural pet food alternative.

Your dog will thank you for it!

Read more about our purchasing and delivery and contact us to place your order.

If you have any questions about our all natural dog food, give us a call on (03) 9753 3533 or email sales@dindins.com.au.